“You are the expert of your own body. No one else knows you as well as you know yourself and we all have a certain responsibility to take care of ourselves”

One narrative, one angle or one perspective does not capture the full story. The world is not black and white, nor is health. It’s a spectrum of colour and to approach any topic you have to appreciate that everyone sees things differently. I have given up the black and white approach when it comes to health.

Health can be both easy and simple or confusing and complicated. However, with all the different sources of information out there it is almost impossible to wade through it all. If you want to make changes, chances are it seems to be either very expensive, time-consuming or too confusing. The focus needs to be on the basics, and building up your foundation of health before working on anything else. Health nearly always comes back to diet, exercise, sleep, hydration, stress and having some fun along the way, life can be challenging, but health changes don’t have to make you miserable.

Remember you are the expert of your own body. No one else knows you as well as you know yourself. We all have a certain responsibility to take care of ourselves. People often take their health and bodies for granted, taking notice only when illness or injury comes along. Many of today’s illnesses and injuries come down to lifestyle and habits. Therefore, we need to cherish, care for and celebrate our health and our bodies.

The mind-body connection is a common theme throughout health psychology. If this is new or a challenging idea to you, consider that by taking care of yourself physically makes it easier to take care of our mental health. Taking care of our mental health enables us to take care of our physical bodies.

Making health simple, accessible and inexpensive is my goal. Long-lasting, flexible and adaptable health is not a quick fix, despite what you may hear. Never underestimate the power of a healthy body, energy and balance. The ultimate goal of Your Health Psychology is to help you learn to live better.

Le gach dea ghuí, 

CEO of Your Health Psychology, MSc (Hons.) Health Psychology, BSc (Hons.) Applied Psychology, 200 YTT Yoga Teacher and Social Entrepreneur. Member of The Psychological Society of Ireland. Trained in NLP Practitioner Model.

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